Broken Bones Kit In Stock Now

Introduce your students to the fast-paced, growing career of biomedical engineering. In this activity, students observe X-rays of femoral fractures in order to determine what type of break has occurred. Using biomedical engineering tactics, students design and construct a medical device to repair the break and then perform “surgery” to repair a model broken femur with their device. This is an activity your students are sure to remember!

Complete for eight student groups.


Materials Included in Kit:
Cardboard tube with foam insert, straight cut, 9", 4
Cardboard tube with foam insert, 45° cut, 9", 4
Foamies:registered:, sticky back foam, pkg/12
Plastic yarn needles, 8
Polyurethane, charcoal, 8" x 10", 8
Rubber bands, medium, 20
Scalpel, disposable, size 10 blade, 8
X-rays, femoral shaft fracture, set of 4
Yarn, black

See additional file for complete lesson plan.